What the Great British Bake Off Can Teach You About Weight Loss

7 important lessons for your healthy eating journey

Mary DeVries
5 min readNov 17, 2020


Photo by Pratiksha Mohanty on Unsplash

Binge watch a baking show to lose weight? Seems like a bad idea. But if you look closely there are a lot of lessons to learn from The Great British Bake Off that can help you reach or maintain a healthy weight.

Make sure the calories are worth it

People were not pleased in 2017 when Prue Leith, the new judge who replaced Mary Berry, started commenting from time to time that a particular item was “worth the calories” or conversely, “not worth the calories. Who wants to be reminded of calories while celebrating cakes and other sugary treats?

But there is a lot of truth to the statement and it can be a key strategy for weight loss or maintenance.

Weight loss isn’t just a simple matter of “fewer calories in than calories out.” A recent study from Harvard University demonstrates that the quality of the calories we consume matters a great deal as well. But let’s face it. The calories in most concoctions on The Great British Bake Off fail nutritionally on both the number and quality of calories.

This is why Prue tastes an item and deems it either worthy or not worthy of the calories consumed. After all, according to calculations from YorkTest Laboratories, Prue and Paul will consume 13,500 calories during a single season of the popular show.

I’m certainly not here to tell you not to eat cake, or any other high calorie treats you fancy. Just make sure that indulgence is worth the calories. A small piece of to die for chocolate cheesecake is worth thousands of evenings spent mindlessly munching on Doritos or cookies while streaming Netflix.

Save the nutritiously empty calories for things so delicious they are truly worthy.

You don’t need to eat an entire serving

When Prue and Paul work their way down the table judging the technical challenge, you’ll notice they each take just one bite of each contestants’ offering. In general, they do the same with the signature and show stopper challenges as well.



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