9 Reasons Other People Aren’t Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner This Year and 1 Reason I’m Not Either

Forget Thanksgiving, I’m Going to Portugal

Mary DeVries


He’s happy I’m going to Portugal. Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-headed-bird-in-close-up-photo-53460/

After over three decades of cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner, I’m skipping it this year. Come the early hours of the fourth Thursday in November I’m stuffing a suitcase instead of a turkey and flying to Portugal.

Google “reasons not to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year” or “reasons not to celebrate Thanksgiving” and you’ll have articles to read nonstop until New Year’s. But none of them are my reasons.

Here — in the spirit of providing a holiday-themed story despite the clear saturation of the internet already— is my list of all the reasons other people skip the feast that isn’t my reason.

I hate Thanksgiving

I adore Thanksgiving. A day spent with loved ones eating and drinking? Bring it on.

I hate turkey

Okay, people have a point here. Turkey ranges from tasty to meh but it’s pretty hard to move it into the “oh my God, this is fantastic” territory. I understand the appeal of trashing the traditional bird and finding something fancy.

Not me though. Turkey is a necessary step to the real stars of Thanksgiving dinner, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy.

I hate cooking

I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. After over three decades I can do it on autopilot. Thanksgiving week finds me in the kitchen bopping to my beats, rolling out the pie crust, and creating a multipart masterpiece.

Go out to eat, order delivery, con a family member into doing all the work, make it potluck — all fine suggestions missing one key point. If you cook Thanksgiving dinner you control the menu. Every dish on the table will be made exactly the way you like it.

I hate travel

Thanksgiving weekend is the worst time to travel in the United States. But I live in England. It will just be a normal Thursday morning during a non busy season at my local airport.

Family is complicated



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