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I started writing my first novel at age eight. It was about a family of pencils that came alive at night and wandered around the classroom having various adventures. I was several chapters in when a well-meaning adult asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

“I want to be a writer. In fact, I’ve already started writing my first novel,” I told her.

“Oh, that’s so cute. Being a writer is hard work you know. Most people never make it.”

This was news to me. I had assumed the only tough part about writing was plot development and getting the words down on paper. I went back to my half-written opus with a new and critical eye. …

If you are too shy to ask someone out just fool them. Guaranteed success.

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There’s this girl in my dorm. Beautiful. Single. She says she isn’t interested in a relationship but of course, that can’t be true because girls only say that so people won’t realize how sad they are not to have a boyfriend.

I’m pretty sure she’s the ideal woman for me. I know this because she is female and unattached so there is no one I’d have to fight for her. Plus, I’m right here ready for my first serious girlfriend. What could be more perfect?

I could ask her out I suppose, but she might say no. Girls say no all the time which I’m pretty sure is just a trick to keep guys like me on our toes. So I think it is best that I just maneuver things so that we are on a date before she even realizes it. …

Our epic road trip from Boston to LA to introduce our 3rd culture kids to their homeland

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We had three weeks to transition from living on one island nation, the UK to another island nation, Japan. What better way to impress upon our children the sheer vastness of the country of their birth than an epic road trip from one end of the continent to the other?

We had family to visit in Boston, upstate New York, Michigan, Chicago, Yellowstone, and Los Angeles. Add in a brief swing through Canada taking in Niagara Falls and minor detours to Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug, and the Corn Palace, and the route was well over 3000 miles. Three weeks, minus multiple days hanging out with family. …

Replenish the game cupboard to while away the time until the vaccine reaches everyone

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We are coming up soon on almost a year of too much together time with our nearest and dearest. Where I sit in England, we are in the midst of Lockdown #3 and the numbers are still climbing.

“Please stay home, you idiots!” is the constant refrain of the officials, although they usually phrase it more politely.

If you are lucky enough to be in a bubble with at least one other person chances are high that you are heartily sick of all the games in your game cupboard by now. …

I love being able to talk directly to writers and I love having readers talk to me

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The general advice given to most writers who publish online is never to read the comments section. Even as a reader I’d come to respect this view. More than once I’d read an excellent piece somewhere like the Washington Post. I wonder what other people thought of this article, I think to myself. I’ll just check the comment section.

After a few minutes of scrolling, I usually feel the need to take a shower.

Medium is different. While negative comments exist and people do manage to completely miss the point more often than I would think possible, in my experience more often than not the comment sections include intelligent respectful discourse. …

Even if they make you eat your veggies

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Photo by Kayla Farmer on Unsplash

Yesterday I wrote up a fun little story about the time my brother almost died and I thought he going to turn into a carrot. It was all true as best as I can recall but today I’m feeling a little bit guilty about the fact that my aunt appears as the villain of the piece.

In my defense, that is totally the way I felt at the time. …

I love the serendipity of finding a great read while researching your own story.

Recently while writing about college admissions from a parent perspective I came across this two-year-old gem…

You’ll definitely need a sense of humor

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Photo by Rochelle Nicole on Unsplash

You’ve made it through the sleepless newborn nights, potty training a toddler, carpooling a child hither, thither, and yon, traumatic teen angst, and now finally, the finish line of high school graduation is in sight.

If only your darling descendent would get accepted and choose a college to attend.

As a seasoned parent with one college grad, one on the brink of graduation, and one please-dear-God-keep-her-on-track-to-graduate-eventually college sophomore, I will hide my snickering about the idea that high school graduation is a definitive finish line in parenting.

I’m here to be uplifting and supportive. I’m here to tell you how to survive the college selection phase of parenting in 11 easy steps. …

I’m still mad about it

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Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

“The doctors are saying that if he lives he will be a vegetable,” I overheard my aunt say to my uncle after hanging up the phone in the kitchen.

A vegetable! This was intriguing and interesting information. I wanted to ask questions but I was still so mad at my aunt that I not only wasn’t speaking to her but I was doing my five-year-old best to pretend she didn’t exist. …


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