An Update on My New Year’s Resolution Five Albums in

Springsteen and Parsons and Oysters, oh my!

Mary DeVries


Photo by Ivan Dorofeev on Unsplash

2022 is the year I embrace music and reclaim the joy of listening to albums. So far I’m off to a rip-roaring start and ready to elevate this resolution to one of the best ideas ever (thanks Nia Simone McLeod).

Of course, it’s early days. According to research, January 12 is the statistical day most resolutions crumble. I’m writing on January 1, so I have to get in my gloating quickly while I’m still riding the optimistic New Year’s resolution high.

You can read more about my resolution here, but basically, the plan is to listen to as many albums as I can this year from beginning to end. I’m asking for recommendations so please give me your suggestions. I’ll add it to the list, give a listen, and report back here tagging you.


My first suggestions came from Paul Combs. Since I tagged him directly and asked for Springsteen album recommendations, the speed with which he answered wasn’t surprising. Paul’s love, knowledge, and evangelical Springsteen fervor is legendary.

“Start with Born to Run, no question. Then The River and Darkness on the Edge of Town. It will change your life,” was his almost instantaneous reply.

Despite my age, I’ve never really been a Springsteen fan. When this album first came out, I was a child in the Philippines attending a fundamentalist school for missionary kids.

I remember my music teacher lecturing us on the dangers of rock and roll. How Satan used the evil drum beats of this jungle music to magically force us to sin. There were charts and everything.

I was riveted to my seat, paying close attention. I knew this was conversational gold to bring back to the family dinner table. When you are child number four of six you seize on anything which will give you a moment in the limelight.

It worked too. I quickly had my big brothers and parents howling with laughter. Our God was big enough to embrace a driving beat and brilliant guitar riff.

But my exposure was still limited. When we returned to the states, Springsteen was just one of many voices on the radio. I struggled…



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