Why I Stopped Reading and Writing on Medium for Two Months

I’ve really missed you all

Mary DeVries


Photo by author taken in Joshua Tree National Park, one of many places I’ve been while not writing.

Have you looked for new posts or comments from me in the last two months? I’ve been Medium MIA for a bit.

Where did I go? Why? Who cares? What did I learn about Medium during my hiatus? Keep reading.

Intentional breaks to recharge are awesome

Unfortunately, this was not a recharging break. This was more of a life has completely overwhelmed me and I have no time or energy to read and write the way I want to.

Check out my most recent stories and all the clues are there.

This fall I discovered my elderly mother was the victim of multiple instances of fraud and I had to take over her finances and fix everything from an ocean away. This is still an ongoing process especially as her memory deteriorates.

On December 1 we moved out of our house. Since then I have moved into and out of hotels or family members' guestrooms/couches 9 times and flown 4 times with numerous stops yet to come before we land in our new location and start looking for housing.

So, I’ve been a bit distracted and busy.

Take a break before life breaks you



Mary DeVries

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